Mission Statement


Mott Hall Science and Technology Academy is a rigorous math, science and technology-focused middle school that will offer families an opportunity for their children to meet the highest academic expectations and standards, to make smooth transitions to selective high schools and to compete successfully for admission to top public and private colleges. Our school culture is characterized by a shared vision for academic excellence, the healthy personal growth of all students and a commitment grounded in our strong belief that all students can and will succeed in their endeavors.


Principal’s Corner


Welcome to Mott Hall Science and Technology Academy (MHSTA) website. MHSTA serves roughly 450 6th, 7th and 8th graders in District 9. Our students are offered an extensive number of curricular and co-curricular programs creating countless opportunities. MHSTA is a wonderful place to teach and learn. A great contributor to the schools success is the strong support from administration, staff, parents and guardians. The collaborative effort in our professional learning environment is critical to our advancement.

Developing our youngsters is a team effort. Our faculty and staff earnestly develop our students qualities of scholarship, character, citizenship, and service consistently. It is terrific that the families of our youngsters continue this development. We are so grateful to the families for maintaining a similar focus, sending a consistent message to our youngsters.

As you browse the pages of this website, you will notice the wealth of opportunities we offer our students. I encourage students to take advantage of the possibilities and become involved in the extracurricular activities that interest them. When students become involved in extracurricular activities and other school sponsored clubs, academic achievements often improve. Getting involved teaches our students to budget their time effectively, keeps them involved in productive activities, and holds them in structured, supervised settings.

On behalf of the entire Mott Hall Science and Technology faculty, I thank you for supporting our school. We hope you enjoy our webpage and the information it provides. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions and/or concerns.


Dr Patrick B. Awosogba | Principal

There are no problems we cannot solve together and very few we can solve by ourselves.
– Lyndon Johnson